“I can honestly say that taking Holly has changed my life! Before her class my camera was stuck away in the back of a cabinet and was never used! Now it sets out on my countertop and is used daily to capture moments in our lives that I know will create memories that will last a lifetime. Holly has a gift for conveying her love of photography and making you love it as well! She explains it in a way that is organized and easy to understand. Her patience in working with each student and answering questions regarding the subject material was so helpful! I recommend taking Holly’s photography course to anyone. I know it will be a life-changing experience just like it was for me!”

~Carissa Miller Owner and Photographer of C.C. Miller Photography


Upthegrove, Holly Photography

“Holly’s photography workshops have changed my life literally. I have started doing photography as a profession. Holly gave me all the tools I needed to go from simply shooting a picture to composing, choosing correct lighting and camera settings. I have so much confidence in my abilities all because of Holly’s excellent instruction and my willingness to learn and apply. She is wonderful! I would highly recommend to any one wanting to learn more about shooting with a DSLR.”

~Holly Upthegrove Owner and Photographer of Upthegrove Photography

Amy Teague, Happily Situated

“I can’t say enough good things about Holly’s photography workshops. I went into the class knowing how to shoot in auto and walked out several workshops later understanding how to shoot in manual and all the settings in between. Not only was her class informative, it was fun too. Holly has a way of making you feel like you are the only one in the class- she’s available to help and answer questions one-on-one, even in the group setting. I loved the practice shooting we did and the time spent reviewing/critiquing our picture examples really cemented the extensive information for me. I’ve recommended this class to many of my friends and will continue to do so. Thanks Holly!

~Amy Teague Owner and Photographer of Happily Situated Photography

nikki erwin photography

“Taking Holly’s photography class helped me to LOVE my camera again. Although I had a good working knowledge of my camera, I was always frustrated when lighting was not in my favor. Holly helped me to understand exactly how my camera reacted to particular lighting situations and how to make the proper adjustments quickly. Holly helped me “See Light” and use it to my advantage rather then become frustrated by it. I would recommend her class to photographers of any skill level. Holly’s knowledge of photography is beautiful and it was a privilege to be a part of it!”

~Niki Erwin Owner and Photographer of Niki Erwin Photography

benefield, alayna, ruby jewel photography

“I took my first photography class from Holly and learned so much! I fell in love with photography even more and went on to start my own photography business. She has a gift of teaching in a way that is easy to follow and learn. She is a great person, teacher, and mentor!”

~Alayna Benefield Owner and Photographer Ruby Jewel Studio

“I have enjoyed photography my whole life, but never understood why some shots were lucky great and some were luck of the draw. 
I only recently got my digital SLR camera. I was anxious to learn something so I could get the most out of it. The class I signed up for just happened to be Holly’s. Hallelujah. 
I had so many ‘ah-ha’ moments and picking my jaw off the floor ‘well, duh’ moments. Simple, easy to understand explanations, practical pacing of learning material, exercises that pulled meaning in to what we had just discussed, even a field trip kept everyone engaged and coming back and ready for more. 
I’m forever grateful to Holly for offering her time and valuable resource of expertise. I continue to look to her for inspiration and won’t hesitate to go to her for more educational opportunities when I inevitably need a refresher!”
~Robbie Hill
“Loved this class!! I am totally unfamiliar with photography but fell in love with it after this class. I especially loved getting out in the community and taking pictures. I highly recommend Holly!!!!”
~Kim Rebsamen
“Purchasing my first DSLR, I refused to read owners manual as a typical male. After attending just a couple of Holly’s classes, I was knowledgeable and confident with operating my camera in manual modes and taking quality photographs. I am very appreciative of Holly and her excellent instructing manner and skills in creating such an informative and concise photography course. Thank you Holly for giving myself and others valuable information that will provide us with a lifetime of capturing memories.”
~Eddie Jefferies
“I loved your class for many reasons: 1. You were very informative and had a good knowledgeable background on many types of cameras. 2. You had a printout for us to take for those of us that get home and have a complete brain fart and forget what you taught us. 3. You took the time to make sure everyone was getting it. 4. You walked around and actually showed us how to do things. 5. I left knowing things about my camera that I had never known before. 6. I could probably have never figured any of thats stuff out by reading the manual or watching youtube. 7. You were very friendly and easy to learn from. THANKS FOR THE CLASS!”
~Jenny Lane
“Holly’s class was professional, informative and fun! She was able to address all skill levels (from those of us who only knew how to take pictures with the automatic settings to those who had gazillion dollar cameras with multiple lenses and gadgets) in a way that kept everyone engaged and learning. She addressed form, function and lighting in a way that left me feeling both encouraged and empowered! All questions were welcome and the environment was a “safe place” for all aspiring photographers. Holly totally rocks!!”
~Darla Cooper
So what do you do when you buy a new camera that you have no clue how to use???  Find Holly who works miracles!  I love taking pictues and when I got my new camera I was overwhelmed.  Holly has taken my everyday pictures from something I’d put in a 4X6 frame to something I would blow up and display above my fireplace. Her passion for photography is contagious and her patience in teaching is something so comforting.  Now that I’ve found Holly I will be taking many more classes and private mentoring sessions with her to help fine tune my hobby.  Thank you so much, Holly!!
~Amy Costello 
I can not say enough good things about Holly!! I’ve attended & taken multiple photography classes, both from Holly and others and I can hands down say that Holly is the best! She presents photography in such a way that is fun and easy to understand for everyone, from the beginner/amateur level all the way to the professional level. After taking Holly’s classes, I also scheduled mentoring sessions with her and she has helped me work through the specific challenges I was facing and helped give me a better understanding of how to work with outdoor lighting. Holly is an absolutely amazing teacher and photographer and her passion for what she does is truly inspiring. I highly, highly recommend her to anyone!"
kim blankenship