I want to hear about who you are, what makes you blissfully happy.  I would like for you to answer these questions and return them to me in hopes that we can get to the heart of your sacred bliss and put it into an image for your enjoyment.  If you are  being photographed with your spouse, children or other people please share these questions with them ask for their input as well.

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I will also work closely with you to choose clothing, and any additional props and styling that may help to tell your story.  I prefer to use items that are already yours so that you have a special place in your heart  for them and they have meaning to you. Do you have anything that is a “must” to include in this special moment?

The day of your story session, I want to be peaceful, calm and joyous.  I want you to be fully present in the moment and giddy to be telling your story through images.  All the feelings you feel that day and in your hour with me will be conveyed in your portraits.  Please leave all negativity, all stress and worry at home, in fact try to make your day leading up to that session be as peaceful as possible.  Please be proactive and plan out clothing and food for the day so that you don’t have those things to stress about leading up to our time together.

If you are bringing children along with you, prepare them in a joyous way.  Help them to have fun by being silly, peaceful, talking about the things that bring you all joy and happiness and how you are going to have a ton of fun together over the next hour or so.  I want everyone to feel happy, relaxed and trusting of each other in these moments. It is important for you to bring things for them to do during your time being photographed.  Bring special items for them, either timeless and very special items to them, or new items that they will be very intrigued by and will lend themselves to beautifying the moment. 

Your time with me will be relaxed.  I may ask you to snuggle, tell one another jokes, whisper sweet nothings, tickle and dance.  I want you to be “full- in”, no holding back, I want you to be alive in the moment.   We will play, and be quiet, and do the things that make you feel blissfully happy. My art is in capturing the moments and feelings, and putting them in an image that will call up those feelings every time you see that image for the rest of your life.

Looking forward to creating your story portraits with you!