Private Photography Business Coaching

You have been invited to a top secret, business building group coaching page!  This page is kept secret due to the fact that I have a limited amount of time and energy for only a select few clients of this nature.  I am excited to have you here and hope that you can jump into this adventure with me!

This Group Coaching will begin Sept 10, 2018!

Below you will find more in-depth information on the 10 step - 3 month program on how to design the photography business of your dreams!


Step 1 - Setting Business Goals 

Before we even start to build a business it is imperative that we set goals.  Often times I say if we are going to California, we are going to need a map!  Meaning that if we "aim at nothing we will hit it"! So to get started we will step into what are goals are in starting the business, how to reach them, identifying who our client is, and decide our destination!

Step 2 - Photography Business Plan

So many times this is not even a thought process in a creative person's mind.  However before we go much further in the creating of a photography business, you will need to identify your client's needs, who is your competition, are you going to register as an LLC, or a S-Corp.  marketing strategies , sales prints vs. digital, give aways and more decisions are to be made in step 2.



Step 3 - Developing A Branding Strategy

Key elements of branding , learning about SEO and how that helps people to find you, making your brand unique to you, and how to give your 60 second commercial!

Step 4 - Business License and Name

What's in a Business Name? How will it be used? How will it Google? What about URL's? Work with Logo design. Setting up filing systems, contracts and so much more!




Step 5 - Business Insurance 

Do you need it? What do you get and how much do you need? Stepping through all this information with professionals in the business!


Step 6 -Create a Portfolio

Client's first judgements will be based off of your images.  Give them not only your best but also what to expect from you every. single. shoot.  Learn how to build and create a portfolio based on what you are passionate about shooting.  Find out how to shoot with a portfilio in mind. 


Step 7 - Creating a Client List 

Client list management is no joke.  Learn how to get names on your list, manage the names, and keep your name and business in the top of their minds when it comes to photographers! How will you generate more names and clients?


Step 8 - Aquire The Right Tools

From someone who has "been there and done that" when it comes to photography equipment, let me help you discern what you need and more importantly what you don't need when it comes to outfitting your photography business.  I wish I would have had someone to walk along side me and tell me not to spend as much money as I did on the front end!

This will be more than just photography equipment, it will also include websites, how to design good social media, photo editing programs and more.


Step 9 - Learn from the Pros

This is where we start stepping into photographing and learning the process of how to take a great photo.  Some of this will be done during the same time as the other steps, however we will dive deeper here to make sure you feel secure in solid ground of knowing you are confident in taking great photos!


Step 10- Creating A Business Launch

Unfortunately most photographers forget to make a big deal out of launching their business, simply due to the of lack of confidence.  Can you imagine doing all of this work and then not celebrating that you are launching an amazing business!?!?! So let's make a big deal out of you!

Ten steps, three months, and a lot of hard work will get you where you want to be as a professional photographer.  When I started my journey as a photography business owner over 20 years ago I would have only dreamt for someone to take my hand and walk me through all of these things. It is HARD when all of this is so foreign. Let me share my knowledge and study of your passion and field and help take a ton of the guess work out of this for you.  


Included in the program:

- 10 Steps To Building The Photography Business Of Your Dreams

Value of $1000's in research already done for you to guide you in your business

- 12 weekly coaching video calls with Holly approximately 1 hour

 Value of $1500 (Holly's private coaching is $125/hour)

- Full Access to Private Facebook Group

 Value Unlimited idea sharing and quick response from group and Holly

- Weekly videos and action steps towards weekly goals

Value of $2000 in plans and research time already done for you, all you have to do is watch, learn and make some decisions!

- Direct links to online recommended sites, professionals in business developments, and discounts for specific products

Value: Savings of $1000's on guess work and trying out online subscriptions.  Discounts on professionals Holly already works with in the industry.

- 3 photoshoots in person with Holly's coaching and guidance

Value of $1000 in one on one photoshoot coaching with Holly 

- Training on posing/lighting

Value of $1000 in one on one training on posing and beautiful lighting techniques with Holly

- Online Photo Editing Training - lifetime access to online video training

Value of $750 

- Mastering Your Camera Class in person and lifetime access online video training

Value of $350


 or 3 monthly payments of $1050 each

Value of Approximately $13,000

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Holly Peevyhouse


Let me walk you through all of the things of building  business that feel daunting and scary simply because nobody is there to guide you!

I fell in love with photography at the age of 13 years and since then have been a professional since the age of 17, went to college for photography, and then opening my own studio at the age of 19.  Since then I have fallen in love with teaching others how to photograph their family, their stories and their lives using their very own cameras!

I have done everything from owning and running my own studio, to working out of my home.  I have sold prints and I have sold digital!   I am a master at creating an authentic online presence without over kill,so that others will keep me on the top of their minds when it comes to needing photography work.  

"I help people capture the beautiful moments of their lives and tell their stories through photography by giving them simple step-by-step instructions that the novice or advanced photographer can replicate. I share my passion for life and the story of love and JOY with everyone I meet!"