Tell Your Story;

Life Style Photography Sessions

Kinlie’s Senior Session

Story Sessions are taking on a whole new meaning with the art of video being included.  I am passionate about telling your story!



My artform begins the moment we begin to communicate about your story.  I want to hear about who you are, what makes you blissfully happy, what kind of music makes you dance like nobody is watching, where are your places and the things that you do that create the most peaceful and tranquil feelings in your inmost being. I want to capture and seal in time the story you are living right now.

My hope is for you to be able to look back on the moment years later and remember the feelings you felt, what the spring sunshine felt like on your neck while capturing the depths of celebrating your 15 years of marriage to your soul’s mate, the silky softness of  your baby’s skin when you kissed her sweet cheeks, the laughter of being silly with the family in the midst of a busy life… in that very moment.



Planning the details

We will meet prior to your scheduled story session to plan and the details of your story and how you want to tell it.  Decisions about location, feel, clothing and any props will be topics in the discussion. We will make a vision together! 


During the story session

I love to see how people adore and bring out the best in one another.  Your time with me will be relaxed.  I may ask you to snuggle, tell one another jokes, whisper sweet nothings, tickle and dance.  I want you to be “full- in”, no holding back, I want you to be alive in the moment.   We will play, and be quiet, and do the things that make you feel blissfully happy. My art is in capturing the moments and feelings, and putting them in an image that will call up those feelings every time you see that image for the rest of your life.

Story Session Package

  • $750
  • My creative time leading up to the story session.
  • One hour of photography story session.
  • Post Production of images.
  • All edited images (1 color set & 1 b&w set) in digital form with copyright release so that you may print and share on your own.