Photography Sessions

With 20 years of photography experience in Tulsa as well as traveling to surrounding states such as Texas, Arkansas and Missouri, I bring a whole new kind of portrait experience to the table.  

What once felt like a chore and a duty to have your portraits made is now an enjoyable experience.

I dive in deep to what you want your experience to be like, the story you want to tell with your portraits and the style of your life all play a major role in the experience telling your story.

24 Frames Photography School

Photography lessons, workshops and classes for anyone from the Frustrated Camera Owner to the aspiring professional photographer.  

I bring an element of true knowledge and simplicity to learning the art and skill of photography.  

People aspiring to learn photography are frustrated with reading manuals, I help walk you through step-by step, the learning process of taking your camera from the auto mode to you having the creative control you want to make your photos look amazing!