Why I Take Pictures Everyday of My Life

Have you seen this video with the jelly beans and how they represent the days and moments in our life?

Do yourself a favor and watch it.  

Watch it even if you have seen it before.

 I had, and then went and watched it again just this morning and it pinged my heart.

Essentially This is Why I Take Pictures Everyday.

To me taking a photograph slows down time.  Our lives are going at what seems warp speed and I want to remember so much of it.  

I want to remember...

Each one of these makes my heart take pause and feel the memory.

So many times I read about how people taking photos of the moment actually takes away from being present.  I fully believe there is a balance.  For me it is actually the thing that slows me down enough to feel the moment and be fully present.  Taking the time to stop and soak it all in.

I encourage you today, to start and breathe in the moments of your life through some sort of camera lens today whether it be your camera phone or your SLR. Just stop and breathe it in!

My next round of photography classes are enrolling now.  I would encourage you to come to a class and have fun learning how photograph the everyday moments of your life and keep them in your heart for generations to come.

I can teach anyone with a camera in their hand, how to tell their story in an amazing way!  Regardless if I photograph your story or teach you how to photograph your own...my messages is always the same, "everyone has a story to tell". I beg you to start printing your images, they are our stories, they are our history.
Holly Peevyhouse