Why You Will Want Vintage Wagon Photo Booth At Your Next Party!

Isn't She Just Beautiful?!?!?!?  

Let's just take a minute to see all of her glory!

Tulsa, OK photo booth VW bus

This All Started Only Two Weeks Ago...

When the idea came to us a few weeks ago we immediately went on the search for the perfect bus, but much to our dismay there were none in the state of Oklahoma that were in the Peevyhouse price range.  So we widened our search to Dallas, Austin, Kansas City, Arkansas, Missouri, looking for just the right Volkswagen Bus.  We knew we wanted about a 1970's model and it needed to be fairly remodeled as we don't have time or energy to do that kind of stuff on our own.  We needed the VW in pristine working order! Finally we found her in Austin, Texas!!! Thankfully Clay's dear buddy, Peter lives there so he went and gave her the once over and immediately called us with a thumbs up.  Our only rock in the road is that she was a little over our price range by about $3000.  We decided to take the leap and just offer what we could and if it was in the plans for us to have her the doors would swing open.  And swing open they did!!!!  The guy was moving to South Dakota a few weeks and couldn't take her with him, so consequently took our offer immediately!  Only 12 short hours later Clay was headed to Austin, Texas to pick her up!!!

Tulsa OK Mobile  Vintage Photography Booth Volkswagen Bus 2

55 MPH All The Way Home...

Clay picked up our 1973, blue Volkswagen Westfalia Bus at 5:00 pm on Wednesday night and was back on the road for home by 7:00am the next morning.  He made a few stops, one being Magnolia Farms in hopes to see Chip and Joanna Gaines.  We are big fans of the Gains family and their show Fixer Upper.  Even though we don't choose to have cable in our house, we as a family are known to plop on the couch and binge watch their show. He made a quick stop also in McKinney, just North of Dallas, Texas to see one of my photography students, Kathy Van Every and she took some amazing shots of the little, blue bus. Kathy has been an excellent student and dives deep into her passion of photography! She does mainly street photography and I am always inspired by her view!

Tulsa Photo Bus Vintage Booth Magnolia Farms Chip and Joanna Gaines
Tulsa OK Westfalia Volkswagen Bus 1973 Vintage Photo Booth
Tulsa OK Vintage Wagon Photo Booth Bus Stops in Dallas Texas

Her Plans...You Are Gonna LOVE This!!!

Get ready Tulsa, OK you are going to love what this girl, Skye is bringing to town!!! With just a few additions and some decor upgrades, we are going to bringing some FUN to T-Town by making her into a VINTAGE PHOTO BOOTH!!!!!

Can you just imagine stepping up inside, grabbing some silly props, your best friends, your kids and whoever else will join you and taking 4 crazy and wild photos?!?!?  Let the FUN begin!!!!

Tulsa, Vintage Westfalia Photography Booth Bus 1973 Volkswagen

Making Her Even More Cool!

We have a few interior modifications to make her even more fabulous, cool and a bit less striped, as to not clash with everyone's clothes when having their photos made.  New curtains, a backdrop that can be customized for your event, and of course the camera!

Tulsa Photography VW Bus Photo Booth Rental

Yes, She Is For Rent!

We are working on the business side for the next few weeks, nailing out details, designing logos, pricing and such but we just couldn't hold in the excitement any longer!!!

She is a MUST HAVE for your wedding, bachelorette party, corporate event, sweet 16 party, festival, party on the lawn, baby shower, oh I could go on and on.  

Hourly- event rental will include free prints to all of your guests and friends along with emailed images for sharing to their favorite social media sites.

We are already booking events with local festivals in Tulsa, Jenks, Bixby, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Sand Springs, Sapulpa and surrounding cities.  

We will have her to view at the Jenks Annual Food Truck Festival, on May 7th, as well as the TTC Art On The Fly Festival, May 13th and 14th!

Travel is for sure an option as well if you are outside of the Tulsa Metropolitan area.

Yes, I Can Bring Her To Your Photo Shoot!

I have already had several people asking to do a photo shoot with her and that is for sure an option!  I am over the moon excited to get to use her as a fabulous addition to my lifestyle and story sessions.  

Vintage Photo Booth Bus Tulsa, OK Lone Wolf Food Truck

Date Night and Friends!

We have already had a blast with Skye in the few short days we have had her.  We had a garage sale on Friday and Saturday this past weekend.  She was parked out by the curb, and quickly became the talk of everyone who drove through Jenks America.  It was Jenks' Annual Herb and Plant Festival Day as well which mean a ton of traffic! 

Saturday night, Clay and I had a great date driving her to downtown Tulsa seeking out our favorite food truck, Lone Wolf and picked up some Bahn Mi and Kimchi Fries!!! Then brought it back to the VW bus and had a beautifully, serene picnic in the back of the bus, since she has a pop-up table and two facing seats!    

Tulsa Oklahoma skyline Vintage Volkswagon Mobile Photo booth

When Life Hands You Lemons...

You make lemonade.  Those of you who have been following us for some time know that Clay lost his job to the oil and gas crisis back in February of this year.  We were a bit lost on what was next but knew that God had big plans coming our way.  We could feel it in our bones.  We fully believe that Clay getting laid off was a huge release from the bondage of a job where he was slowing dying at his desk.

So now we are on to our next big adventure, I hope you are as excited as we are about the future of this amazing, little, blue Volkswagen Bus named Skye!

As we are working on a name for the actual business we would love to hear your thoughts on what you would name it!  Please leave a comment below!

Source: www.hollypeevyhouse.com