The Safest And Most Happy Places: How To Keep the Memories Alive.

Do you have a place or people in your life who made you feel the most safe?

The ones whom your heart felt at home with?

Where were your happiest memories?

Mine as young person are with these people.  I have made plenty of new safe and happy ones with my sweet man and little people in the past few decades, but up until this point, these two were the ones.

Grandparents McAlester, OK1

I Can Close My Eyes...

And smell the gravel in their drive way...

Hear the sound of the door opening...

Hear her cackling and him shuffling into the kitchen as we clamber through the door for our hugs...

I can see the things that hang on their walls, many of which have been in the same place for as long as I can remember. Those are the comforts, the part of going "home" that makes it so special.

Grandparents McAlester, OK2
Grandparents McAlester, OK3

These dishes have fed thousands of meals and many a 5:30 am coffee routines.

I'm not sure how they manage to have little bits of soap in the dish, but they are always there.

And you always know where to find the scissors.

Grandparents McAlester, OK4

While I birthed all four of my babies...

I used Hypno-birthing with all of my babies during labor.  In the hypno-birthing instruction, they have you pick a place where you can "go" and know your surroundings so well that you feel like you are there.  I went to my grandparent's house every time. And sometimes on nights when I can't sleep I stand in this kitchen and imagine myself as a little girl helping my grandma Max cook.

Grandparents McAlester, OK5

If this place still exists in your world I beg you to take photos.

I went to visit my grandparents just last month and decided to take some images really quickly on my iPhone while I was there.  My grandmother really questioned what I was doing and didn't understand why I would want to take pictures of her little, old house.  

I want to remember, I want to tell the stories of my heart for as long as my heart will remember...these images will keep the stories even longer.

Grandparents McAlester, OK6

That little girl is me as a four year old and about as far back as my memories start in this place.

The best sleep of my life have been in these beds.

Grandparents McAlester, OK8

The greeting place, always full of squeals of delight and love when we come in. What was once a bedroom for 3 little boys, became over the years a greeting place and entrance to anyone not considered a stranger in this house.  

Grandparents McAlester, OK8

Silly as it sounds the bathroom is such a memory bank of delight for me...I LOVED helping my Grandma Max brush her dentures here in this bathroom.  And now my kids have done the same with her.

Grandparents McAlester, OK9
Grandparents McAlester, OK10

Mornings Were Sacred.

I can remember as a little girl and even up to my teenage years, my Grandma Max was an early riser, and my Grandpa Hollis not so much.  However, he had MANY a morning, for years where he ran bread routes that caused him to get up well before the sun, and in his retirement years he worked on gaining back that sleep just an hour or two a morning.  

So I knew that if I got up early, I could get sacred one on one time with my Max.  This time around the kitchen table was some of my best memories.  I would choose a chair close to the wall because I could snuggle in my blanket next to the wall heater and get cozy. 

Grandparents McAlester, OK11

Asking for Prayers...

Tears are flowing as I write these memories this morning.  My Grandpa Hollis is not well.  He has been transported to a hospital here in Tulsa with some health issues.  At this point things are looking up, but he is not out of the scary places just yet.  

Please pray for him to have complete turn around.  Pray for my grandma's heart, she is confused and scared for them both.  If I had my way, there would be a Handful of people in our life we could choose to be immortal, these would be a few of mine.

Please take pictures to tell your stories to your children and grandchildren.

Love, Grace and Peace, 

P.S. My friends, I would love to hear about your safe and happy places of your lives. Please share in the comments below.